Faculty members from across the BYU campus have offered insightful responses to the works of art featured in this exhibition. Choose from the selection of images below, and click on the icons to read their comments on select pieces.


Globalization and the New Nation

MichaelArchangel_T Baptism of our Saviour Portrait of a Lady Mrs. Reid in the Character of a Sultana HenrietteLuard_T
Portrait of Miss Kitty Calcraft Reedy River Massacre

Art for the Nation

Pocahontas Ute Shirt MtnMan_T Portrait of Patience Cole Cortland Portrait of James Grant Cortland
CaptMadigan_T Sylvanus Thayer LincolnAssasination_T Delaware Valley Landscape
View of the Hudson from Olana Lake Scene

A Nation’s Quest for Beauty

Silver Chalice N4033T Thesmaphoria AgainstSky_T Noon_T
Mrs. Goetz Sunlight (Setting Sun) Spring Landscape Fallen Monarchs Moonrise Near the Shore
Mark Klett (b. 1952) and Joanna Verburg (b. 1950), Clear Creek Reservoir, Colorado, 1977, gelatin silver print, 5 13/16 x 8 5/8 inches, Brigham Young University Museum of Art. William Henry Jackson (1843-1942), Moraines on Clear Creek, Valley of the Arkansas, Colorado, 1873, modern silver gelatin copy print after original albumen silver print, Brigham Young University Museum of Art. The Calf Premier Chagrin M4033T
JapaneseLadies_T FrugalMeal_T David_T The Lovers Ganado Rug
Finely Woven Basket Ute leather moccasins Ute leather moccasins Apache tight, coiled basket Basket
Mogollon Rio Grande Pueblo storage jar Hopi Bowl HopiMan_T BlindHopi_T
Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe La Sagrada Familia La Madre Dolorosa Nuestra Señora de Refugio de Los Pecadores Saint Michael the Archangel (San Miguel)

The Shape of a Global Nation

Blanket Stories: Three Sisters, Cousin Rose, Four Pelts and Sky Five Trains Indian Folk Scenes Hopi Interior Round Dance
Mesas In Shadow Broncho Dance Immigrants Merry-Go-Round The Promised Land
Subway Scene Subway Graffiti #3 Yubotan China-McDonalds (Flowers and Birds) Hanging Family History
Dinah Washington Louis Armstrong Right to the Jaw Forgotten Man Lift Up Thine Eyes
Baby Ruth Franchised Landscape #8 Franchise20_T Q-bop Fay Bainter